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Michael Mui, b. 1996,

Based in London, UK


Michael MUI is an independent filmmaker from Hong Kong who worked as a Documentary Director in the city’s largest television broadcasting company. With a background in stage performance and extensive experience in directing, editing, and screenwriting, Michael has become an all-rounded filmmaker with a unique voice who specialises in using creative visual representations to encapsulate mood and feelings. 


In 2021 he moved to London, where he continues to find captivating stories to tell. Since arriving in this dynamic city, Michael has been blessed with opportunities to be part of different video projects with organisations such as BBC Maestro, NHK, Goldsmiths CCA, the Avignon Festival, and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

“If memories could be canned, would they also have expiry dates? 

If so, I hope they last for centuries.” 

- Chungking Express (1994)

To Michael, each story is a precious gift, an opportunity for him to learn more about the world. 


03/2024 - Directing MIRROR's UK Tour Highlight Video
02/2024 - Short Film You Alright, Mr. Fox? screened at Saan1 Gallery, Manchester
11/2023 - Directing Charmaine Fong's UK Tour Highlight Video
08/2023 - Directing the documentary of Theatre de la Feuille's Fall and Flow                           Europe Tour at Avignon Festival and Edinburgh Fringe 
05/2023 - Directing Jason Chan's UK Tour Documentary
01/2023 - Editing BBC Maestro Carol Ann Duffy - Writing Poetry Course

07/2022 - Editing BBC Maestro Lee Child - Writing Popular Fiction Course

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