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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (2021)
Director, Script-writer, Editor
"What's in her box?" he wonders. As a girl gets on the minibus with a mysterious box, he can't stop his imagination from running wild. A beautiful, intense yet paradoxical journey unfolds in the mundane city, thriving from the box and beyond.

“You Didn’t Lie.” (2017)
Director, Script-writer, Editor

It all happened in a friends’ gathering. Joseph received serval missed calls from his girlfriend, which made him worried that his girlfriend would be angry at him. The other three friends in the scene tried to help him by thinking of different excuses and lies. However, those ‘solutions’ only got them into a more chaotic situation.

The script was selected by Pants Theatre Production to perform in the Ngau Chi Wan Civil Centre

Boxman (2017)

Director, Writer, Editor, Cinematographer

A protest was broken out on campus against the housing policy of the university while a student inside a dormitory room was decorating his room to give his girlfriend a surprise. Meanwhile, a student outside asked him for help since somebody was injured during the protest. Will the student continue to lock himself up or step outside?

1st Red Bird Student Film Fest
Jury Special Prize
Best Sound Mixing and Editing
An Endless Song (2014)
Director, Writer, Editor, Cinematographer

Hei, a secondary school student, wished to participate in a singing competition with his friends before graduating from High School. However, his friends refused to join unless Hei finishes his new song on time.

Short Film Competition 2014

Best Short Film
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